Thursday, May 5, 2016

Milk Madness

It's quite an amazing ability for a woman to produce milk and feed her newborn child. If you are debating whether you'd like to breast feed; if you are planning on using formula; if you are going through a tough time with breast feeding; if you are breast feeding exclusively (any or all of the above!)...Please read through this incredible article about the composition of breast milk.

I think women KNOW that breast milk is best for their child...but there's A LOT to KNOW. With more knowledge = more power. Breast feeding is definitely NOT easy - I struggled for the first 2 weeks. But because I was GROUNDED in my understanding of WHY breast milk is best for my son...I was able to find the strength to push through it. As a mother you become willing to do whatever it takes to create the best environment for your child. Understanding why breast milk is far more superior to formula will help drive you towards that determination to breast feed your loved one. 

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