Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Mission Trip to the Dominican Republic in 2015!

I am beyond excited to have the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic this coming January 2015 to serve and provide chiropractic care to those in need! I will be home in Wisconsin after my final exams in the 3rd week of December until January 4th and then I will travel back to Georgia to fly out of the Atlanta airport with some close girlfriends of mine. We will be meeting with maybe around 20-30 other chiropractic students (many from my school and Maximized Living Club!) and chiropractors in the Dominican on the 7th of January. I will be serving, providing care, and working alongside DC's (doctors of chiropractic) until the 11th of January...and then I have to return back to school on Monday the 12th :(.
This opportunity not only benefits those of the Dominican Republic, but it will also aid in my own personal growth and development as a student doctor. Thank you to everyone who has contributed to my fundraiser! I appreciate all the help as it can be difficult to partake in every opportunity and travel experience when my funds are limited.

The organization that I will be traveling with is called Chiro Mission - Click here to learn more.
My fundraiser can be found here @ GoFundMe!

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